Yes. The best way to receive a report is to use our contact page. Please put “stats” in the subject line, also, please provide your first and last name and areas where we are advertising you and that you would like to receive statistics. Or go directly to your “insights” tab on your business Facebook page. If you still are having issues seeing your stats contact customer service directly.

Sure thing. You can pause your ads at any time. Just contact us 3 business days prior to your renewal and we’ll pause your ads!
Just ask each person that calls you where they found your contact information. When you hear Google or Facebook, you’ll know that was us.

To ensure authenticity, all cancellations must be submitted a minimum of (3) business days prior to your monthly billing date by going to cancellations. 

Upon receiving your cancellation request you will not incur further charges unless your account has a past-due balance or your cancellation request is not in compliance with our terms of service.

You can contact Customer Service via email at searchedfoundbyfocus@gmail.com or by calling (855) 466-4530.

1: Focus llc cannot guarantee the exact position of a client’s campaign ad, there could be events outside of our control that can temporarily hinder our capacity to secure Google placement(s). These events may include, but are not limited to, Google System updates, Google account reviews, and any other events out of the direct control of Focus.

2: You have searched too many times. In an effort to always provide the best user experience Google has implemented several factors into deciding not only whose advertisements they feature when a search query is entered, but how many times they will continue to show the same advertisements. If you continually search for the same thing but do not click on anything or are just checking to “make sure you are there” Google will eventually make the determination that they aren’t displaying or showing you relevant results. Google.com will begin to show you other advertisements. Not to worry this is only happening on your computer and/or your own unique IP Address, all who search are still seeing you just fine.

3: You’re searching from an area outside of your target market. If you’re a Realtor in San Diego California you may believe that you would be featured whenever anyone searches for “San Diego California Homes”, this is not entirely correct. Your advertisements are designed to target your specific geographical area whether citywide, statewide, or nationwide. for example: you chose to go with Focus’s silver package and your business is based in San Diego California and someone in Portland Maine does a search for “San Diego California homes” your advertisement will not be featured, because you have chosen to be viewed in the city of San Diego, therefore we have excluded all locations outside of your target market in an effort to target in on your local area and specific locations of expertise.

Absolutely. Just send us an email and we’ll make those changes within 1-3 business days. Please note, any changes made may temporarily remove your ad while Google or Facebook approves it.
Focus does not utilize contracts for our advertising services. We stay month to month so that you know we are hard at work all the time earning and keeping your business.
After joining the team, your ads will be built within 24-48 hours and then sent to Google or Facebook for approval. Ads usually go live within 5 business days.
None. Your position is exclusive to you, meaning we will never place another client in your Google Search Term.